Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mayweek: Sidney Sainsbury's

Enjoying our lunch at the Sidney Sussex
Hall. They don't take cash, but thankfully
someone was willing to take us on as guests.

Yuk-gwang shot, but a it has the hall.

The Cambridge foodshopping supermarket.

Possibly our last crash together.

TYG for all the memory-making crashes!

See you again soon Rehan, it's been
a pleasure to crash with you.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Easter Term Week 7: Homerton College!

Successful crashing of Homerton
thanks to Sungmin, a first year
Physics Natsci

Taking a break during the free-of-charge 6-hour
'supervision' session in Homerton library

It wasn't really a CHC crash.

But I'm glad I got to crash Homerton
(also takes cash, but it's quite hefty)

Easter Term Week 6: Magdalene College

Semi-big face shot
(Jes didn't get quite get the concept)
in front of the Bibliotheca Pepysiana
after our crash of Magdalene
(not to be confused with Magdalen of Oxford)

The photo of successful crash.
With Jes and someone
else in the background (forgot name!)

In "Talking T's" after the crash.
I've always wanted to go to this shop.
One funny T-shirt we found read:
"I'm a bomb techinician.
If you see me running,
try to keep up."

In "The Bookshop' in front
of Magdalene

In Marshall room afterwards
with my newly-arrived
Trinidad and Tobago Shirt!

So Rehan and I finished exams.
It was an amazing feeling.
And the crash was good too.
(they took cash.)

I'm so thankful to God.

Next Week: Sidney Sussex?

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Easter Term Week 5: Clown's Cafe

Enjoying gelato (strawberry, melon and banana)

It was straight after Rehan finished his first exam
(the bread and butter of 2nd Chem Eng paper)
that I saw him and invited him to a gelato at the nearby
Italian Cafe/Eatery. We were thrilled to see that
for both of us it was the first time to try it.
We were sorry that Rehan's fist paper was such a
difficult one.

Go Rehan, not long to go now!

Rehan's last one's this Friday,
and mine is on the Monday.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Easter Term Week 2: Peterhouse

With our crash-liason
Miss Hyesun Kim (2nd year medic)
The hall is very dark, but we
brightened up the place for a bit (quite literally).

La foto big-face in front court

This shot and the next were taken
using the 15-sec long exposure mode.

Ghosts! Apparitions!
Yet another exorcism?! ;)

So following the failed crash attempt
the last time, we planned this one in advance.

Hyesun, who had less than 11 days before
her Tripos, kindly agreed to come meet us
in the p'lodge. So in the end it was quite
an anticlimax to find out that Peterhouse
took cash. Oh well. Thanks all the same, Hyesun!

The oldest historical-hall-site-저거시기-whatchamacallit
in the whole of Europe. And did I mention Peterhouse
is the oldest College in Cambridge?

Thank you God for a nice crash!

Next week: Magdalene College

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Easter Term 1: Queens' College

A Conveyor belt just like the one
in St Catz. Awesome!

A timed shot to get more of the
hall in. It's quite a modern one.
Queens' College (note the apostrophe-s)
(not be confused with the others in the world)

Rehan and I with the food. They took
cash, (guest charge 85p), and the food
was not so expensive. We were happy
with what we had (meatballs myself,
and vegetable curry for Rehan)

And they had olives in salad bar. Nice.

Big face shot in front of the
Mathematical Bridge.

It was a glorious sunny day today.
We were both feeling great, perhaps
because of that.

All the best with revision and the design
project Rehan!
Next Week: Peterhouse

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Easter Holida Week 2: The Anchor

Peterhouse. The archetypical
tourist shot.

With chicken burgers
in the Anchor pub.

This week's crash has been
rather disappointing.

Peterhouse caff was closed over the
holidays, and when we went to the
Queens' College hall, it had shut
10 minutes ago (they shut at 1.15pm)

Rather hungry, we went for the Anchor Pub.

It was a good value meal, and the
deserts (chocolate pudding and icecream)
were something else altogether too.

Next week: We'll try Queens' again.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Easter Holiday 1: Pembroke College

Crashing Pembroke.
Taken by the lady who works there
(she insisted we wait until the
High Table was fully vacated)

Rehan enjoying his food.
Note the myriad dark haired Japanese
boys and girls at the far table

In front of the College Library.
We're well happy with this shot.

Rehan givin' it to the
Pitt 'Brad Pitt' Statue.
We have absolutely no idea
who this guy is.

A bit back to front, but
As we first entered the College.

So after Rehan's one week
with his parents in London,
we resume our Crash
during the Easter Holidays.
Care must be taken now since
not all colleges serve food
out-of-term. Thanks to Robert Crellin's
hospitality back in the days, I remembered
that Pembroke served food out of term.

They took cash. It was a
rinse of a crash. ;)

We were impressed with the
selection of mains and side dishes
on offer, and the food we had was

It was also a time when I could
tell Rehan of my decision to go to America.

'But will America be ready for Joseph?'
said Rehan.

Thanks Rehan! ;)

I'll really miss friendship and
crashage with Rehan. TYG for them!

Next week: Peterhouse